21 lessons in 21 Years

21 lessons in 21 years

Conquering always | Nandipha Mabuyangwa


I always look forward to Christmas holidays. It is a great season for quality time with loved ones and a chance to reflect on the year that has been. Christmas 2017 was rather extra special for me…. Your girl turned 21! And yes, I am a Christmas baby.

21 years sure feels like a lot! One is under pressure to “have it all together”, have a healthy spiritual life, a great relationship, flourish academically and socially-basically all-round, keep up with social media trends, and simultaneously keep up with society – politics, economy and current affairs. 21 years is a pivotal point in a person’s life. Whatever decision you make can either “make you” or “break you”.

In this first phase of my life, I have learnt a few lessons. Some people may say 21 years is not enough time to have life all “figured out”. It might not be long but it sure is long enough to know that some mistakes are not worth repeating.

  1. Trust God always – As a Christian, your life and being is not the same as that of an ordinary person. You are set apart and your life is directed by a higher authority. The way you go about in life should reflect this. Proverbs 3 v 5 – 6. “Trust the Lord with all thine understanding; and lean not unto their own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path”.
  2. Family over everything – Blood is thicker than water so they say. Most people that always have your best interest at heart, are family, keep them close. They have always been my backbone.
  3. Not everyone that smiles and laughs with you is your friend – I had to learn this the hard way. Not everyone that smiles in your face is your friend. Some people are just keeping tabs on you to see if you are pursuing your dreams or to check if you have given up already. Beware of such people, wolves in a sheep’s skin.
  4. Exercise bit of self-care – You are the only you there is. Take care of yourself – emotionally – do not be afraid to cry, physically – eat healthy, exercise, get active. Mentality – Never leave room for depression. A strong positive mental attitude will create miracles than any wonder drug.
  5. Never put anyone else first – Your happiness should be your number one priority. Only you can keep “you” happy, put yourself first.
  6. Be unapologetic – Be unapologetic about who and what you want to achieve. Dare to dream. If you can imagine it, then you can achieve it and if you dream it, then you can become it.
  7. Keep an open mind
  8. Take risks
  9. Be adventurous Life is for you to live, to enjoy, to soar and do best. Try new things and be adventurous. A new hobby and great pleasure awaits.
  10. Never be afraid to pursue what you believe in – Even if the world does not believe in you. Take that giant step. A leap of faith is all you need.
  11. Do not be afraid to ask for help
  12. Relationships – Not all relationships will work out. Some happen, so you take away certain lessons from them. Do not be clingy. If you are unhappy, do not compromise, walk away. Let go, learn and improve your interactions.
  13. Forgive
  14. Do not make promises you can’t keep – unkept promises can be very disappointing (Trust me I know)
  15. Confidence – Put your best foot forward always. It will take you far.
  16. Invest in self – Read a book, attend a conference, equip yourself.
  17. Spend time alone – Alone time is important, it is time for you to find yourself.
  18. Never be afraid to try again – Failure occurs when we least expect it to. Do not be discouraged, try again. You have not failed but have found a way of how not to do something.
  19. Plans will change and it’s okay
  20. You do not need to change who you are to fit in – You are beautiful as you are. Your beauty is not defined by societal beauty standards.
  21. You are only young once. Have fun.

I am very excited for what the next phase of my life holds, so much to unleash. I am excited to share this beautiful journey with you. It can only be upwards and forwards from here.

Conquer always-♥

Nandipha Mabuyangwa

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