The Power of Your Mind

So many people long for success. We all want to be man of the “moment”, or better still, to be the talk of the decade. We have dreams and desires and long to see them manifest. We travel near and far, high and low, in search of how to make our imaginations a reality. There is one thing though, that if we were all to harness its power and apply its principles then we would be able to soar high and be unstoppable.………. The MIND – Your mind is unlimited in its potential to create what you desire. What you become in life is largely dependent on the content and quality of your mind.

The book “The Power of Your Mind” by Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is phenomenal. In this book, Pastor Chris reveals that the mind is a spiritual entity, the doorway to your spirit. In the book, the author explores the ways in which one is to successfully harness the power of their mind. It begins with a clear and concise definition of what the mind is and how it works.

The mind is the faculty of man’s reasoning and thoughts. It holds the power of imagination, recognition and appreciation and is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting in attitudes and actions. The mind is to the spirit what the brain is to the Central nervous system.

This book, illustrates how to completely harness the power of the mind and it does so with clear and practical ways from the word. The concepts discussed in the book include:

  • Renewing your mind – The concept of Mind management

The spiritual principle “Mind Management” refers to the concept of reorganizing or reprogramming your mind with God’s word and aligning your thinking, perceptions and mindset about God, other people, the world and yourself with the His word.

You are a product of the quality of your mind and you have the power to make your life more fulfilling and happy by changing your way of thinking and thinking in the way God wants you to think.

  • The power of thoughts

Thoughts are pictures of the mind with constructive or destructive possibilities. The kind of picture and perceptions you allow in your mind play a vital role on the thoughts you have constantly. The things that one continually thinks on are those that he/she chooses to focus their mind on. Thoughts are powerful. Ever heard of what science calls telepathy? It just goes on to show that the things you think on continually have the power to alter your environment. Be mindful of what your mind dwells on.

  • Pulling down strong holds

Remember when you were a child, you never believed in failure. You believed you could jump from a very high tree and not get hurt. Along the way, growing up one tends to think that they may not be able to accomplish certain things because the lot in their family could not do it. That kind of mindset becomes your strong hold. One needs to meditate, mutter and speak the word till all the wrong things you have heard and believed all your life are nullified. You can do it!! You are “you” and should not base your success on the failures of others. Know that you are destined for success always.

  • Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions

Never allow the circumstances of life to have the better of you. If you have the nature of God, then know that you have his likeness, so you ought to think and act like him. Cancel all negative thoughts with the word.

  • Attitude – Your mental disposition

Your attitude to the information you receive programs you. Whatever information you come across, train your mind to see it in your creator’s perspective. Do not speak a lot of negative stuff. Always have a winning attitude.

  • Importance of a vision and how to create one

For the human body to fully accomplish anything, the mind must able to have a clear picture of what the result will be like. Create graphics and help your vision. For you to completely use the power of your mind to bring forth your desires, you need to see it in your mind first and only then you will be able to bring it forth.

In a certain placebo effect experiment, two groups with the same illness receive different medications. Group A receives medication specifically aimed at treating that illness while group B receives a “fake medication” that has nothing to do with the illness. Surprisingly after the experiment, both groups have successful results. This is surprising, right? This is because, group B had already seized it in their minds that if they take medication then, healing will come. That’s the power of seeing it in your mind first.

  • Meditation – Your moment of creation

Spend time alone and mutter, roar under the sound of your own voice all the things you desire for yourself. In so doing, you condition your mind to believe that anything is possible. Once you believe it and speak it forth then nothing will be able to stop you.

Remember you are the expression of your mind, and the quality of life you’ll live here on earth isn’t a function of the quality of your spirit but the character of your mind. Your mind can make you poor or rich. It can Place you on the pedestal of glory and greatness or dump you in the dust of suffering and shame. Choose glory. Choose life. Choose to use your mind right and conquer always.

Conquer through the power of a renewed mind.

Conquer always-♥

Nandipha Mabuyangwa

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