Life through the lenses of a queen

Welcome to Conquering Always!!

I am excited about what life has in store for me. The future is bright I tell you. There is so much opportunity, so much to give and take.

As we tread about this path of life, we all like to appear like we have everything figured out. Sometimes we do but mostly we do not. We learn and discover new things as we go. We find ways to be happy, content and at peace. I set up this blog so I can pour out my naked soul in the aim of inspiring young people and be completely transparent in black and white print and hopefully help you “figure things out”.

My blog is a written expression of what my souls yearns for and what the intent of my heart holds, all in the hope of changing and impacting lives. Enjoy this new quest with me as I take you on journey to help you discover your purpose in life, motivate you to achieve your imaginations and push you to become your dreams.

I have had so many people confess to me about how much my journey in life has inspired them. I may not not have met all this people physically, but I know somewhere out there a girl child has hope because of the choices I make daily. I perceive myself to be royalty and in this blog I will go through some important topics and look at life through the lenses of a queen on topics such as the word, beauty, self – love, book reviews, sexual relationships and some adventures here and there.

I am genuinely excited about this new journey. I believe that this platform will change lives and impact so many young people out there.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Let us conquer always and enjoy the journey together.

 Conquer Always – ❤

   Nandipha Mabuyangwa

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