Who is Nandipha??

Nandipha Mabuyangwa is a born again, young, black, anointed and opinionated daughter of a king. She is in her early twenties and she believes she has something in her to give. She is a firm believer of the word and she is on a quest to achieve her imaginations and become her dreams. Lets just say this is the first of many steps.

Nandipha is a lover of the word, fashion, beauty and health. She believes that for one to give out something then that person needs to have something themselves, hence she reads a lot. She reads not because of boredom but in the hope of equipping herself. She also works on her health daily all in the hope of improving her lifestyle so she is in a better position to give out of herself and hopefully give young ones a vision and make them see that “its possible”.

That is who I am, Nandipha Mabuyangwa, a christian, a mechanical engineer in the making, a beauty queen, a motivator, a dreamer and now a blogger!!

6 thoughts on “Who is Nandipha??

    1. It is not necessarily hard but challenging. One finds themselves in a situations where they constantly need to prove themselves. We live in a very patriarchal society, where women are not expected to take on certain roles merely just because they are women. Even though its changing now, the stigma still exists. So I constantly find myself in a situation where I need to work twice as hard than my male peer to show that “I am good enough”.

      So yeah, it is not hard, just challenging. You can do it if you set your mind to it.

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